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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

-- Mark Twain

Someone once told me that if there is a purpose to life, it's to live, love and learn as much as possible. To experience as much as life has to offer. That became one of my guiding principles.
The adventure started back in junior high school with the first flight I ever took. My grandma and I flew from Michigan to Upstate New York to visit family. From that moment, I knew I wanted to travel the globe and experience as much as possible.
The adventure continued in college. I took courses in travel and tourism management, foreign languages, geography, international relations, trade and finance. During that time, I had the adventure of an overseas study program in France and a work-study program in Japan. Those experiences changed my life.
Upon graduation, I embarked on a 20+ year adventure in the travel industry. I worked in travel agencies for 12 years and a major airline for 8. So far, I've traveled to over 23 countries, and helped others to experience the world.
In 2005, I moved to Taiwan and used my own language learning experience to help others learn English as a foreign language. Learning languages helps us to better understand other cultures, communicate with other people, and enjoy a richer life.
This year (2012), I am thrilled to have joined Asia Adventures, a company sharing unique biking, trekking and cruise experiences in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.  Stay tuned for updates to this site and my Google+Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
Click on 'Craig Dodge' to read more about my education and professional, teaching and language learning experience. An avid language learner myself, I've developed a language learning/training philosophy that has proven to be very effective for the person seeking to improve their confidence and fluency. 
With 20 years of travel industry/airline sales and management experience, I speak "Business" fluently. Understanding business concepts helps me to be an effective language coach, assisting executives improve their business communication skills. 


Business Casual English Learning

Do you know the origin of the expression 'business casual'? Find out here.
I use the expression to describe the format of my business English coaching. Read about the variety of business English training programs I've been involved with. I have private 1:1 tutoring and small groups for conversation practice. In Taiwan, the premiere business English consulting company is Lado Management Consultants.
When duty calls, appointments often need to be changed. I hope that by providing this calendar, we can make that process as easy as possible. If you would like to make or change an appointment, please check here to see if the time most convenient for you is available. Then,  contact me to confirm the arrangement.
Since 2005, I've been teaching English in Taiwan in a variety of settings and situations. 
I've taught for cram schools, private junior/senior high schools and  business English consulting firms. I've also tutored privately for individuals and small groups. This section highlights the schools, organizations and businesses where I've taught and coached English language learners. 

English learning online  

There are many websites available to supplement and enhance your English language learning. 
In this section, I've shared some of my favorite sites for self-study. Most of them are for listening practice, but there are also those with some grammar and vocabulary building activities.

Craig's English Blog  

In the past, I had a blog with interactive English learning tools, such as games, videos and quizzes. It was assigned as homework for my junior and senior high school students but the site got very little traffic, so I've decided to make a more traditional blog with some random thoughts and experiences of life in Taiwan.

Since storing and sharing photos on the various social networking sites has become so easy, I've closed the photo gallery here. Please visit my Google+ or Facebook pages to see a wide variety of photos.